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Looking for job in Australia
Hello, I am an Australia resident but I am in Hong Kong at the moment, I planning to return to Australia within next year, but if I can find a job now, I will come back anytime soon, I am seeking for office job (Admin/ Assistant/ HR...), anyone can help?
my ideal place in Australia to live in Melbourne, but if I can get a office job in any other places in Australia, I still will consider about it.

作者﹕August_babydoll      31/10/16 12:33PM
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Looking for job in Australia - in reply to August_babydoll
I moved to Sydney 3 years ago. Same as you before, I try to find a job before moved but never successful. So I think you need to come here first and then look for job opportunity.

作者﹕59.167.232.*      10/1/17 7:47AM
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Sydney - in reply to 59.167.232.*
Sydney is expensive to live is it true?

作者﹕61.92.215.*      13/1/17 7:11AM
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Sydney - in reply to 61.92.215.*
Yes. It is difficult to survive if you don't have a job unless you are wealthy.

作者﹕59.167.232.*      17/1/17 11:27AM
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